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A big merit for the Passover holiday The holy Zohar for success throughout the year.

קמחא דפסחא
Every year Rabbi Daniel Zer provides financial assistance to over 1,000 families through kimcha d’pischa (“flour for Passover” – age old custom of giving charity before Passover to the poor so that they can afford their Passover needs). Every family receives about 500 shekels to assist them in the Passover shopping! The Yeshiva does not provide coupons or food items, but gives a cash donation to each of the families that we help. The Shulchan Aruch (the Code of Jewish Law) begins the halachot (laws) of Passover with the obligation to give kimcha d’pischa to the poor so that they too can fulfill the mitzvot of the holiday of Passover.

It is written in the holy Zohar: “The secret of the success for the entire year of the person is dependent on the donation he gives to the poor for Passover”. The month of Nissan is the first of the Jewish months and the amount that one gives during this month, and specifically for kimcha d’pischa, will have a direct effect on his success for the entire following year. Furthermore, our Sages, of blessed memory, teach that anyone who is able to help but refuses to will be judged in Heaven, as how can one justify sitting comfortably at the Passover Seder - his table set with delicacies - while the poor do not even have meat or wine for the holiday.

כיצד נגיע לליל הסדר אם אנו יודעים שיש אנשים שאין להם... כל אחד כשהוא יושב בביתו וכל טוב על שולחנו יחשוב שיש אנשים שאפילו יין ומצות אין ביכולם לקנות וכל שכן בשר או עוף לא עולה על שולחנם.

*This donation may count towards your ma'aser obligations.
*It may be paid in up to 12 equal monthly installments.

100% of the proceeds goes to needy families!

Let us give these needy families a happy Passover holiday! In the merit of giving joy to the poor, may the Almighty give us joy and grant us all of the spiritual and physical salvations that we need, Amen!

With every option one can donate via a credit card on a secured website or through a telephone representative:

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