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Midnight Kollel established for the safety of our soldiers fighting to protect the Land of Israel.

As war rages on in the Holy Land, our soldiers and abductees are in grave danger (especially during the night-time hours when key military operations are carried out).  Since there is less Torah study during night-time, Rabbi Daniel Zer shelita, started a most crucial undertaking at Yeshivat Or David.  We formed a Midnight Kollel with dozens of Torah scholars learning and reciting Tehillim in the merit and protection of our soldiers, our abductees and our people.

 You can have the merit to support an avrech (Torah scholar) who will learn Torah and recite Tehillim during Midnight Kollel for NIS 180 per night.

 It is possible to support several avrechim (Torah scholars) for one or several nights. 

You can also provide us with the names of soldiers in whose honor and protection you would like us to pray for and learn.

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