The Gemara says: said Reish Lakish in the name of Rav Yehuda the Prince ‘The world does not exist but for the breath of the mouths of the children of Bet Raban.  Rav Papa said to Abaye for you and for me what will be?  He said to him you cannot compare the Torah learning of one that has no sin to the Torah learning of one who has sinned.  Younger children, until the age of Bar Mitzvah, who only then are required to keep mitzvoth, are called ‘the children of Bet Raban’ and their Torah learning, which is without sin, reaches all the way to Thrown of Glory.  The world has always existed in the merit of the Torah learning of these children and in their merit the Jewish people are saved from many tribulations.

Talmud Torah ‘Ohr David’ has over 300 children registered in its schools from the ages of 3 till 6, and from 1st grade until 8th grade.  The Talmud Torah Institution hires top teachers and Rebbes who are dedicated educators and professionals, giving their all to provide Talmud Torah children with the proper tools to grow and blossom.

We are standing before the Day of Judgement – Rosh Hashana – in which a person is judged for the entire year, for health or for sickness, for livelihood or for poverty, for solace or for burdens.  We all want to arrive to that awesome day with an advocate.

Therefore, in every Elul as Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur approach, the Days of Awe that determine how the coming year will unfold for each person regarding his livelihood, health and peace of mind, Rav Daniel Zer runs a campaign to sponsor a child in the Talmud Torah Institution.

One can donate any sum desired, even a small amount, and for those that desire, a donation of 500 NIS per month may be made to sponspr the monthly tuition of one Talmud Tora child. Whoever commits to giving this set monthly donation will merit to arrive at the Days of Awe with a month of Torah learning of a child who has not sinned to his credit.

Seize the opportunity to gain this great merit- to arrive with an advocate for the Days of Awe, and by this great mitzvah you should merit to have a good and blessed year in spirituality and worldliness, amen.

תשלום מאוטבח באתרים בין לאומיים

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